The Transformer Association Scholarship Program

The Transformer Association Scholarship Program is available thanks to the member companies of The Transformer Association (TTA) who have established it to support qualified students.

Full Description

The scholarship amount is $2,500 and there will be only one lucky winner each year.

The winners of the TTA will be determined based on academic merit and the applicant’s demonstrated experience and interest in the field of power conversion and the final decision will be made by the TTA Scholarship Committee and Board of Directors.

Who's eligible?

The Transformer Association Scholarship Program is available only to those qualified students enrolled in degree programs who have exhibited an interest in transformers or power conversion design through course work or other activities, and who might be considering a career in the transformer industry.

Ineligible applicants should not waste their time applying, as they will be rejected.

How to Apply

Here is what needs to be submitted so that your application is considered complete.

A resume that includes at a minimum the applicant’s mailing address, daytime phone, e-mail, school, major, grade point average, anticipated date of graduation, part-time or summer employment, awards, and recognitions and extracurricular activities.

A letter describing the applicant’s interest in the field of transformers, including courses taken, papers written, research projects, summer or part-time employment, co-ops or work-study programs, and any other information that might inform the Scholarship;

A letter of recommendation from one of the following: department chairman, faculty advisor, or a professor familiar with the candidate’s academic experience and achievements, and confirming the applicant’s interest in transformers.

A certified copy of the applicant’s academic transcript.

Completed applications must be submitted by e-mail, mail or overnight delivery service by April 1st when the application process will end.

Scholarship Committee will then review the applications and may require telephone or personal interviews with selected applicants.

If the scholarship is awarded to you, you will be notified in June and besides the money award, you also receive an expense-paid trip to the Annual Meeting of The Transformer Association in Savannah, GA.

The address to send the application package to is:

The Transformer Association

1300 Sumner Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44115The

Official Website

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