Young Innovators to Watch Scholarship

The Young Innovators to Watch Scholarship Program has the aim to award middle school, high school, and college students for original technology projects, inventions, or discoveries that display forward-thinking technologies.

The decision will be made by a group of expert judges in tech and education.

There is a well-rounded set of criteria focused on viability, entrepreneurial vision, and social good according to which the most deserving winners will be selected.

They are all invited to attend an awards presentation and receive a curated tour of CES.

Full Description

They are all invited to attend an awards presentation and receive a curated tour of CES.

Young Innovators to Watch Award provides recognition to individuals or small teams who will not only receive the money, as the award is $1000, but also media promotion, and other benefits through the award.

Who's eligible?

Once you hear about any scholarship award, you need to determine whether you are eligible or not, prior to applying for it.

The Young Innovators to Watch Scholarship award is available to individuals and small teams, ages 13 to 19, that have created an innovative technical or scientific project.

You should have in mind that some additional requirements may be stated on the award website once the application process begins, as it is prone to change.

Projects must be original work and may have been developed as a result of school, extracurricular, or outside-of-school activities, including hackathons, community events, consulting projects or entrepreneurial activities.

All submissions must have an applicant that has fully complied with all of the Official Rules of the Award, who has not committed fraud or deception in any element of the award.

Furthermore, projects done by a team may be submitted for an award and teams are limited to submitting one application form that lists all affiliated team members.

All members of the team must meet the age requirements.

Recommendation letters should reflect familiarity with the team’s work, process, and character.

How to Apply

There are certain application and submission requirements that each application must contain:

  • A completed application form
  • A picture, video or website of their project to be considered for submission.
  • If under 18, the applicant must submit a parental/guardian consent form.
  • Affirmation that the submission does not infringe upon copyright law or the intellectual property of an uncredited party.

A completed recommendation form is optional but is highly suggested.

Official Website

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